Nigerian woman prays for single ladies to meet a man like her husband who cooks and pampers her (video)

Nigerian woman prays

A Nigerian woman has taken to social media to show off her husband who cooks sumptuous meals for her and treats her like a queen.

In the trending clip, the woman showed her husband cooking a variety of delicious-looking meals in the kitchen, and revealed that he cooks regularly without complaint. The husband was captured cooking a pot of mouth watering egusi soup, fried rice and chicken, and stew.

Nigerian woman prays

She also shared a video of her husband styling her hair and another time when he was entertaining her in the living room.

According to her, she loves her marriage and prays for more women to meet someone like her husband who will be faithful and loyal to them because he is tired of playing games.

Nigerian woman prays

She captioned the video, "One day you will meet a man who is tired of the game too and his loyalty will match with yours."

The video has sparked mixed reactions online as some netizens praised her husband for being loving and homely, while others spoke against it.

@toby_loba wrote, "The love I have for men that can cook ehn damn"

@larry_Seas02 wrote, "Knowing how to cook is actually important for me as man but to come turn ahm to duty for my house Is a big no,I can always assist and do the cooking when necessary.. buh na you get kitchen my dear."

@callme_wealth wrote, "Lmao so because he cooks means his energy matches yours,una plenty wey go still chop breakfast sha"

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