How women can orgasm from just n*pple stimulation

For many women, penetration is not needed to achieve orgasm.

How women can orgasm from just n*pple stimulation

Apart from clitoral stimulation, nipple play is one way to climax and experience orgasm, this is no surprise as the nipple has several nerve endings that make it an erogenous zone.

Here's what you need to know about climaxing from nipple play.

Try touching other erogenous areas

You won't remain stuck on the nipples; explore other sensitive parts of the female body to increase the chances of an orgasm.

Take your time

It can take a while to get a nipple orgasm, especially at first. The more you try, the more you see what works and what doesn't.

Set a good mood

The mood is as important as the activity itself. Is there music and sufficient lighting?

Scientific research emphasizes the importance of how the right mood like smells and what our partner wears can boost the likelihood of experiencing an orgasm.


Communication is essential for sexual activity of any kind. If you like gentler or stronger sensations, such as those that come from pinching, biting, or using toys, let your partner know, so you can both enjoy yourselves.


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