5 types of pornography popular among viewers

When it comes to pornography, what are most people looking for? Porn Hub did analytics on the top searches of 2021, and the results will surprise you.

5 types of pornography popular among viewers

What type of porn did people like to watch in 2021? [Cosmopolitan]

Perhaps the Covid-19 lockdown affected how many people viewed sex. Many people have porn kinks and fetishes. There was a time that midget porn was trending. Most people have a sexual preference and use porn to unleash their sexual curiosity.

What are the top searches?

5. Swapping

This is a kind of group sex where people switch partners with each other, it also includes watching your partner have sex with someone else. It seemed like porn hub viewers were serious about watching that kind of porn as searches for it skyrocketed.

4. Fitness porn

Many people searched for porn involving some sort of fitness activity like running, yoga and exercise. Weird right?

3. Group sex

Interesting, women like group sex more than men. According to Porn Hub, "Threesome grew by 40% worldwide and became the 6th most popular search in the United States and 4th among women. Searches for 'group', 'ffm', 'mmf' and 'orgy' all grew by more than 70%."

2. Romance

Many people who search for porn are also looking for some sort of passionate connection when watching. They want some sort of love story in their porn.

1. Hentai

Hentai is Japanese for any form of sexual fetish, but now it means anime porn. People were interested in cartoonized sex.


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