Jealous husband seals wife's private part with Super Glue

A man has been arrested after he used super glue to seal his wife's private part when he got reports that she was seeing other men.

The Kitui husband identified as Denis Mumo who was always away from his home, hustling, got back to hear that his wife was seeing other men, decided to seal her private part with super glue before his trip to Rwanda.

Jealous husband seals wife's private part with Super Glue

The 36-year-old man was on Friday arrested by police after his wife was rushed off to the emergency room and suffered medical complications and excruciating pain.

Mumo, in his statement, confessed that he was guilty of gluing her genitals but only because he believed she had adulterous ideas after he found out she had plans with 4 men after reading the messages on her phone.

He also showed nude photos of her she had sent to the man with the caption " Next week will be more fire". According to police, Mr. Mumo will face charges of domestic violence with assault and damaging her reproductive organs and risking to make her infertile.

However, according to his lawyer, the evidence and photos the husband will table before the court, the suffering was in part justified and the woman should be administered 100 lashes to prevent further "misunderstandings" between her and her husband.

The husband will appear in Kitui court on Monday to face charges.


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