Tragic: How Transgender Woman Hanged Herself By Accident During Photo Shoot

Tragic: How Transgender Woman Hanged Herself By Accident During Photo Shoot

A transgender woman has ended up hanging herself by accident while taking part in a bondage photo shoot of herself by herself.

Zoe O'Brien, a 39-year-old transgender woman killed herself by accident while taking pictures of herself while taking part in bondage.

According to Metro UK, the woman who was said to be into sado-masochism, hanged herself by mistake on June 7.

She was found with a remote control for a camera which was on a tripod pointing at her.

Police believe she was intending to take pictures of herself performing a s*x act on herself and her body was found by neighbours at her home in Brighton on June 7.

An inquest heard that her neighbour was on holiday at the time. He became worried when he hadn't seen her all day on motion-sensitive cameras fitted in the kitchen so got in touch with neighbours to go and check on her.

They let themselves in using a spare key and found Zoe hanged in front of a camera on a tripod.

The inquest was told that along with the camera and remote control there was a computer that was filled with 'bondage, discipline, domination, submission, sadism and masochism equipment,;

Detective Sergeant Chris Lane said: 'Based on my findings, no other person was present when she died, and no suicide note was found.

'I suspect she killed herself accidentally while taking photos.'

Consultant pathologist Dr Mark Taylor confirmed that the death was caused by hanging.

Catharine Palmer, the assistant coroner for Brighton and Hove, said Miss O'Brien did not mean to cause her own death and ruled it as misadventure.

She said 'I am satisfied she was conducting an act in the privacy of her own home and and was alone.

'The fact she was alone meant if things did go wrong there was no one there to help her.'


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