Evil Boyfriend Kills Lover By Pouring Paint Down Her Throat, Then Burns Her Alive (Photos)

Evil Boyfriend Kills Lover By Pouring Paint Down Her Throat, Then Burns Her Alive (Photos)

A mother-of-two, Andraya Lyons, 38 has been burnt alive after paint was forced down her throat, Dailymail has reported. The alleged killer identified as Anthony Porter, 33 who is the woman's lover also battered her with iron before he set her on fire.

He has now been jailed for life. The duo have been lovers for 18 months. The shocking incident happened after a row during her work Christmas party at a Marriott Hotel in Swindon, Wiltshire. He followed her home after texting his sister 'Some of us are angels, some of us are demons, and tonight the demons won.'

After the violent attack, Porter made a hasty attempt to cover up his crime before he handed himself into police. He was 'drunk, aggressive and lewd', it was said, and at one point he had to be pulled off his girlfriend after she 'told him it was all over'.

Prosecuting, Colin Meeke said: 'Things got so bad that her friends arranged she would go home with them instead of going to her home address.

'As the taxi drove off he punched the taxi window and was overheard saying he would break into the house and torch it.

'The taxi took her to her home address so she could collect some personal belongings. She decided she would stay at the house and said he wouldn't be a problem, it was alright.'

The prosecutor said Ms Lyons' friends, who last saw her alive at 1.20am, begged her to stay with them but she 'exercised her own free will' and chose not to. But 40 minutes later, at around 2am, Porter arrived at the house and launched a drink and drug-fuelled 'frenzied' attack on her.

Over the next three hours, neighbours heard five to six minutes of high-pitched screaming, a female voice shouting 'let me out' and a 'thudding sound about 15 times'.

He finally left at around 5am, and soon afterwards firefighters were called to the burning house. Police found that the batteries had been removed from the upstairs smoke alarm and attempts made to cover the bloodstains with white paint and a roller.

A forensic examination of her body later concluded she suffered 45 separate injuries, including bruises and a cut to her cheek, possibly from the paint can lid. She had burns on her breasts, stomach and legs and the 'thick, granular' paint in her throat.

The cause of death was blunt force injury, paint inhalation and smoke inhalation.

After killing his girlfriend, Porter confessed his crime to family members, telling his sister he 'lost control and kept hitting her to her death'.

He later visited his mother's grave before handing himself in to police and claiming in an interview that he murdered his partner in 'five minutes of madness'. The court heard statements from the victim's family, including her father Edward Webb, who was looking after her two young sons on the night of her death.

Evil Boyfriend Kills Lover By Pouring Paint Down Her Throat, Then Burns Her Alive (Photos)

He described the 'heartbreaking and difficult moment he had to tell the boys their mother was dead and wouldn't be coming home'.

The prosecutor said: 'He is appalled to lose a child in such circumstances. He feels helpless and useless. How will the family ever be able to celebrate Christmas again?'

Defending, Robert Ross said Porter was a 'decent, hard-working man' who had battled with alcohol addiction.

The barrister said: 'This is clearly a man who was not thinking straight whatsoever.'

He added: 'He wanted Andraya's family to know that he is truly sorry for what he has done. He is truly ashamed of what he did.'

Porter was sentenced to life behind bars with a minimum of 17-and-a-half years, which was reduced to 17 years and a month for time already served.

Ms Lyons, who worked as a training administrator, was yesterday described by relatives as 'generous, fun-loving, bubbly, and caring'.

In a statement, they said: 'Andraya was a generous, fun-loving, bubbly, caring person who saw the good in everyone. She was not only a much loved daughter, sister, niece, aunty and friend but also a mother to two young boys who are now left to grow up without her love.

'We miss her so much and all our lives have been completely devastated by the act of one evil, vicious, selfish, manipulative and cowardly individual.

'We will never get over the circumstances surrounding the death of Andraya or accept any remorse for what he has done and put our family through.'

They added: 'We can only hope that, in time, we will be able to start rebuilding our lives while we cherish the happy times and memories.

'We as a family would also like to take this opportunity to reach out to anyone that may be experiencing domestic abuse or anyone that may have knowledge or witnessed someone that is going through similar abuse.

'There is support available; please do not suffer in silence and please find the strength to seek help.

'Had we have known the type of relationship Andraya was experiencing then this terrible situation may have been avoided.

'If, after hearing this statement, one person can leave a violent relationship - then at least something has come out of this dreadful nightmare we are going through.'


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