Video: Footballer Allegedly Scores Goal With Black Magic

Video: Footballer Allegedly Scores Goal With Black Magic

Rwanda Football officials were forced to take action after black magic was allegedly used during a Rwandan Premier League between Mukura Victory and Rayon Sports.

In the game Mukura's striker Moussa Camara whose team was down 1-0 was seen planting what appeared to be a charm on the opponent's goalpost and moments later he scored to level the game.

It has decided to fine any player seen to take part in witchcraft, with a 100,000 Rwandan Francs fine equivalent to around N57,000. If a club has been involved they will lose three points and face a fine of 2.9million RWF (about N1.6m).

Vedasite Kayiranga, vice president of the Rwanda FA said: "In FERWAFA (Federation of Rwanda Football Association) statutes we don't have any law punishing the use of witchcraft because there is nowhere in the world where it has been proven that it can influence the outcome of a game.

"However, with the violence between players because of allegations that one team is using it, we have decided to enact laws."

Jimmy Mulisa, former Rwandan international added: "It is sad that we still have such beliefs in our football, it does not only give a bad image to the country but kills football development.

"I think [the FA] should take serious measures against such behaviour.

"Personally, I don't believe in it, and I had to cut short my playing career because many teams I played for believed in witchcraft which I didn't."

The game between Mukura Victory and Rayon Sports ended 1-1.

Watch the video below;


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