These Are The Programs Used By ISIS To Remain Anonymous Online

These Are The Programs Used By ISIS To Remain Anonymous Online

ISIS is one of them who had successfully remained unknown in this web and they use some complicated methods to remain anonymous on the web. ISIS uses some robust encryption methods to accomplish their goals, ranging from propaganda announcement and recruitment to launching attacks.

According to the new reports from Flashpoint, a cybersecurity group which is focused on dark web, the terrorists have become more complicated since 2012. According to the Flashpoint, the terrorists were using 36 tools which encourage them to remain underground and avoid investigation.

Flashpoint, a cybersecurity group added "These actors have demonstrated more than just an interest in the subject; their sophisticated grasp of these complex technologies has shown their capacity for learning, adapting, and pivoting in the face of increased scrutiny"

Members of ISIS make use of secure browsers such as Tor and Opera to surf web anonymously. However, NSA is also monitoring Tor Traffic. So it's easy to assume that it is not one of the best sources to browse anonymously.

These are the software that are used and recommended by ISIS:

  • CyberGhost VPN to surf anonymously and to access VPN

  • Locker, it is an app which automatically deletes files on a mobile device after multiple incorrect unlocking attempts.

  • Fake GPS Softwares- this allows users to choose a different of false location.

  • Telegram- Flashpoint reported that telegram is the "top choice among both individual jihadists and official jihadist groups" for sending encrypted messages.

  • Hushmail, Tutanota and YOPmail for encrypted email communications.

  • Various Radio station Apps

  • Utilize Secure Browsers like TOR and Opera

Nowadays terrorists and terrorist groups are persistently utilizing the new technologies to hide their dark and confidential online operations. As it is very rarely found that they are seen using any open source software as they are the best if it comes to the online safety.

Flashpoint also added "The more we understand about how jihadists leverage digital technologies to engage in nefarious activities, the better equipped we will be to defend ourselves and mitigate risk as effectively as possible"


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